Rapper Taylar Elizza Beth discusses TUF LUV premiere with The Blow Up

 By The Blow Up

By The Blow Up

Seattle rapper Taylar Elizza Beth hypes TUF in her interview with The Blow Up: 

"Yeah the TUF LUV Event was dope as fuck. So “TUF” is a group of women and non-binary people who center around teaching and performing digital media and digital engineering. So they not only teach people how to produce and engineer, but they also just celebrate anybody who’s not a cis-man, pretty much, and highlight the art from the community as well. They’re really cool and I was super honored to perform, and I actually go to headline that event, which was really fun. I got a lot of really good feedback and it was only my second performance so the fact that I got to perform an entire festival was dope. I vibe with TUF really really hard. I’m proud of what they’re doing for Seattle and beyond, really."

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