Seattle collective TUF is excited to announce the final wave of participating artists and workshops for TUFFEST 2018, taking place on Saturday, July 14 at Judkins Park. The event is free and open to all ages, aligning with TUF’s commitment to accessibility and community outreach.


TT the Artist [Baltimore, MD]

TT the Artist (aka Tedra Wilson) is the self-anointed “Club Queen” who’s found incredible success with her custom blend of Baltimore club, rap, Miami bass, and EDM. She’s showcased her unique take on high-energy party music at festivals like SXSW and Coachella. Most recently, she wrapped up filming on a documentary about Baltimore Club called “Dark City: Beneath the Beat,” which is set for a Spring 2019 release.


House of Eclipse [Seattle, WA]

Founded in 2017, House of Eclipse has become a force to be reckoned with in Seattle’s underground club scene thanks to their fierce energy and flawless dance moves. As champions of ball and house culture, the members of House of Eclipse aim to build an inclusive foundation for future generations of queer and trans people of color.


Nightspace [New York City, NY]

QPOC / DREAMCORE / BABY TECHNO. Seattle-bred artist Nightspace (aka Bailey Skye) conjures dark and dreamy electronic soundscapes that seek to capture their experience as a nonbinary person of color. An active voice in New York City’s underground music scene, their work rails against the dominant hierarchies of music and structural racism.


Bamban [New York City, NY]

Fleshy electronic ancestral incanting. Transcendental noise pop.


SCYLLA [New York City, NY]

Oryx White has been DJing and making music since she was a teen, hosting her own radio show by the age of 16 and later running the Olympia-based party Dark Disko for five years. Her latest project, SCYLLA, is self-described as “elegant techno...white-gloved, minimal, angelic, sharp-witted yet playful production of sound.”


Guayaba [Seattle, WA]

If you haven’t heard of multifaceted vocalist and rapper Guayaba (Olivia Hatfield) by now, you’ve got some catching up to do. Beguiling and seductive at almost every turn, her music has an unmistakably raw and emotional feel. Confessional, often bilingual lyrics are anchored by a diverse collage of sounds, from stuttering hip-hop beats to delicate Spanish guitar melodies.


Lilac [Seattle, WA]

Listening to the music of Lilac (Madeline Franks) is akin to being in a waking dream, enveloped by softness and iridescence. Deliberate yet delicate, their spellbinding vocals weave through a mesmerizing mix of fuzzed out synthesizers and bombastic drum beats.


Niz [Seattle, WA]

TUF member Niz (Annette Suh) is a lifelong lover of music, specializing in disco and deep grooves.



Khadija Ann Tarver [Seattle, WA]

Khadija is an interactive artist who received her MA and BA in Environmental Studies from the University of Pennsylvania School of Arts and Sciences. Her work aims to create intimacies at every scale and combines her interest in poetry, installation, and performance.  


Allison PB + Sierra RH [Seattle, WA]

Allison is a dancer/choreographer who resides in Seattle. She performs and makes work with various groups around the city, including DONNA (Cherdonna Shinatra), Thunderpussy, Honey Noble, and many more. Allison is an Artist in Residence at Studio Current and is Operations Manager at Base: Experimental Arts + Space in Georgetown. Her new work in Bridge Project at Velocity Dance Center will be on view August 23-26. She’s collaborated with Sierra on a video project for TUFFEST.



FEMAIL is Camilla Carper and Janelle Abbott. The two met at Parsons School of Design in 2008. Their first encounter was in a dorm elevator. Camilla was far too nice and outgoing. Janelle was skeptical. Later, the two formed a friendship over their shared love of adventure, childhood, and  unbridled creative action. After college, both girls returned to their respective homelands on the West Coast: California and Seattle. Their need to maintain a friendship from afar was resolved with FEMAIL: an art and fashion collaboration conducted remotely by sending work back and forth through the USPS. Each time the pair passes work from one to the next, new scraps and remnants are added, sometimes, things are taken away. They work reactively, intuitively, and with commas, always. In this way, what is created by FEMAIL is a documentation of duo's conversations and ultimately, their friendship.


Reel Grrls [Seattle, WA]

Founded in 2001, Reel Grrls was the first media arts center in the United States focused on training girls in media production through hands-on workshops and classes taught by feminist media professionals and educators. Reel Grrls equips and empowers young people ages 11 to 21 to engage critically and creatively with digital media to create positive social change. Reel Grrls also provides media literacy training to help grrls, gender non-conforming youth, and male allies from diverse communities interpret and respond to the flood of gendered and racialized images and messages young people encounter in our media saturated world.


Priscilla Dobler/LadyFIRM [Seattle, WA]

LadyFIRM is a collaborative firm created by badass Priscilla Dobler, a textile sculptor; radiant genius Regina Ruff, an abstract painter; and colorfully crafty Maureen McCourt, a textile artist. Here at LadyFIRM, we do our best to serve our community and people. LadyFIRM is an artist collaboration committed to representing all persons regardless of race, sex, color, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity and disability.


Colleen Barry [Seattle, WA]

A poet who survived a stint in the corporate publishing world, Colleen Barry runs Mount Analogue, a feisty community space in Pioneer Square that is part art gallery, part performance space, part bookstore, and part small printing press.



At the Intersection of Arts and Activism

Hosted by Nikita Oliver

Our strongest community activists are very often creative people as well, lending their unique voice to changing society at large. Nikkita Oliver altered many people’s ideas of what a political contender looks like in Seattle. As the face of the Seattle Peoples Party, she champions progressive policies and inspires Seattle residents who’ve historically felt underserved — people of color, youth, low-income renters, disabled and LGBTQ communities. As a spoken word poet, she weaves together her artistic vision with activism.


Foundations : Utilizing Modular and Hardware Synths

Hosted by Rachel Glasgow [Patchwerks / Motor] and guests

Dip into learning how to create music and shape sounds with the use of modular and hardware synths. Utilizing different types of outboard synths, drum machines and modular gear, there will be a focus on understanding signals and the process behind making music. We hope this workshop gives you enough tools and know-how to feel confident about building your own workflow.


Equity x Equality: DJs in the Seattle Music Community

Hosted by Erin O’Connor [Train Car House Party]

Erin O'Connor, a longtime Seattle DJ and promoter, hosts a panel of women and gender non-conforming DJ/Promoters that represent a cross-section of Seattle’s Electronic Music Community. These panelists will discuss the unique hardships that women and gender non-conforming promoters and DJ’s face, with the aim of sharing expansive insights as to how community can be built and progress made, both individually and collectively, within and beyond these systemic hardships.


Queer Archives, Right Now

Hosted by Harrison Apple [Pittsburgh Queer History Project]

A beginner's guide to community archives building. The workshop includes lessons in archival science, home preservation practices, and free materials to start your own projects.


Soft Listening, Fierce Tenderness & the Sound

Hosted by Coley Mixan [King County Library System; Artist and Musician]

Can sound, listening & inter/intrasectional feminist practices be used to make urban soundscapes and landscapes better for all that live in our communities? How do we learn and act on the desire to make cities sound better? How can listening, deep listening, be an act of soft politics? In this workshop, attendees will communally, through listening exercises and participatory dialogue, discover soundwalking as an ecological, healing & dynamic practice. Despite being called a “soundwalk,” people who are deaf, non-hearing, or with limited hearing are encouraged to participate using other senses.


Palliation Through Personification: Transforming Pain Into Catharsis Through the Art of Poetry

Hosted by Leija Farr

In this workshop, Leija Farr, a Seattle Youth Poet Laureate, will discuss how to find metaphors and objects and use the literary device of personification to process and reshape past pains. This is a circle workshop and participants are encouraged to bring writing supplies and share and/or support.


Stretch with Women.Weed.WiFi: Building Self-Love, Body & Sex Positivity With Movement and Meditation

Hosted by Women.Weed.WiFi

This unique guided yoga and meditation class with the International Girl Gang offers tips, mental exercises, and poses to increase body/sex positive attitudes and all around self-love and confidence.


Framing Blackness: Documenting the Spectrum of Black Identity

Hosted by Jessica Rycheal

Jessica Rycheal’s portraits explore the depth and humanity of blackness, in predominantly-white Seattle and areas where gentrification and displacement eclipse black visibility. Her work gives reverence to “regular black folks,” as she captures her subjects with an intimacy and honesty that makes them feel familiar. Though the disciplines in which Jessica Rycheal works vary, the common thread unifying her diverse mediums of expression is story-telling. Her passion for storytelling is rooted in a love for people, specifically humanity in regard to individuality.


Body Love with Briq House

Hosted by Ms. Briq House

This movement workshop is designed to help you strengthen your relationship with your Temple (Body) from a Body Positive and Sex Positive lens.  Folks of all sizes, shapes, and gender are welcomed and encouraged to come. This is an all age workshop, Parents please be advised that positive language around sex, anatomy, gender, and intimacy will be used.


**Radio Workshop With Special Guest From NTS Radio**

Hosted by Special Guest from NTS Radio


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The daytime portion of TUFFEST is funded by the City of Seattle’s Office of Arts & Culture. TUFFEST is fiscally sponsored by Shunpike. Shunpike is a 501(c)3 non-profit agency that provides independent arts groups in Washington State with the services, resources, and opportunities they need to forge their own paths to sustainable success.