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  • 2150 South Norman Street Seattle, WA, 98144 United States (map)
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***Join us for TUFFEST 2017 on Saturday, August 26 in Judkins Park!***

##### FIRST WAVE LINEUP ######

Russell E. L. Butler//Black Jeans (Oakland, CA)
Taylar Elizza Beth (Seattle, WA)
x/o (Vancouver, Canda)
+ More

Bristol Hayward-Hughes
Brit Ruggirello
Grey EllisKatya Rubinshteyn & Butter Claire Nelson
Kem Sea
Mariko Yoshino
Mel Carter
Saïna Hesh
Live Airbrush T-shirts by Ern Hallgan


<<The Competitive DJ (led by Erin O'cinnor of Train Car House Party)>>
An inside conversation at being a female/non-binary/queer DJ in the Seattle Electronic Music Community

<<Shine Theory (led by Shay Huff of Women’s Empower Movement and Jennifer Harris, Psychologist and Lecturer at the University of Washington - Tacoma)>>
A discussion and workshop centering on Shine Theory, which seeks to break down the insidious myth of female competition.

<<Live Audio & PA Setup (led by Natalie Bayne and Katie Schultz ofSeattle Sound Girls)
Learn about PA setup, signal flow, and live sound troubleshooting in this fun, hands-on 60-minute workshop.

<<Let Fatty In: Establishing Intersectional Fat Acceptance & Body Positivity in Queer Creative Spaces (led by Kim Selling of The Stranger andGramma Poetry)>>
Seattle queer spaces are hella fatphobic, so let’s sit down and hash it out. Panelists will be asked about their experiences with fatphobia and body shaming, and how best to educate people so that they’ll cut that shit out. Panelists will also discuss how to enable fat-accepting and body-positive spaces that are better for the future intersectional health of our communities.

<<Don’t Quit Your Daydream (led by Mary Anne Carter of Jesus Mary Anne Joseph)>>
This workshop and discussion focuses on business basics for artists that want to build a sustainable practice.

<<Effecting Social Change Through Magic (led by Unicole Unicron)>>
Unicole Unicron speaks about how to utilize radical self-love and attention to engage in profound and positive social change during times of unrest.

<<Language as Performance: How to Do a Damn Good Reading in Any Genre (led by Sarah Galvin of City Arts Magazine and The Greater Seattle Bureau of Fearless Ideas)>>
This is a workshop on the performance of written language. Learn how to deliver a compelling reading of whatever you write without soiling yourself or blacking out! Fame and fortune can be yours!

<<Foundations: Creating Music (led by Chloe Harris of Further Recordsand PatchwerksQOQO ROBOQS of TUF; and Rachel Glasgow ofPatchwerks and Motor)>>
Learn to utilize digital and analog gear to produce your own music.


Special thanks to Office of Arts & Culture Seattle for their generous funding.

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TUF Zine Issue 2 - Release PARTY
to Jul 20

TUF Zine Issue 2 - Release PARTY

Join some of your favorite TUF DJs at 🍕 Dino's Tomato Pie 🍕 on a Wednesday night for a release party, celebrating our second issue of the TUF Zine!

Upstairs/Restaurant - FREE


DJ Explorateur [TUF]

Downstairs - $8 Entry / $13 Entry plus a copy of the zine

A Butter Life (Live)


Biome [TUF / McDematé]

Harlan Pepper [TUF / Music to Cry to]

Sharlese [False Prophet / KEXP / TUF / Technodad]

with visuals from

Úna Blue

Anissa Amalia

Bristol Hayward-Hughes

Annie Holden's ~Dream Wall~ Installation
and a reading from Alison McKay

The upstairs portion of the event is free and accessible. Downstairs portion of the event is down a flight of stairs.
Bathrooms are gender-neutral.

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to Apr 23

TUF Takeover at the MoPop


TUF Takeover

In partnership with Pop Conference, TUF Collective and MoPOP present an immersive, subversive, Sky Church takeover.

Saturday, April 22, 2017   10 AM - 5 PM

Visual art showing thru April 23rd

This event is all ages.

The personal is political, and TUF exists as an act of resistance against the status quo in the artistic realm. The collective strives to make space for femme, non-binary, and trans individuals in a cis-male dominated world, advocating to give marginalized folks a voice as much as possible. TUF’s takeover at Pop Conference celebrates the creativity of its members with thoughtfully curated music from their talented DJs, and immersive art from a range of TUF artists in the form of projected visuals on the Sky Church’s HD LED screen and some tangible, unexpected mediums. 


Sky Church
325 5th Avenue N
Seattle, WA 98109


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12:00 PM12:00


TUFFEST, set to take place on July 9th, 2016, is a celebration of visual art, performance and education with a goal of uplifting, expanding and celebrating the female & non-binary electronic music community through the TUF collective.

This is a two part event, split between day and night.The daytime portion of the festival is funded by a grant from the City of Seattle’s Office of Arts & Culture. It will be held in Judkins Park and will be free and open to the public to uphold our commitment to accessibility. The park will be filled with interactive visual art installations, musical performances, workshops and TUF TALKS -- artists and women in creative industries are spotlighted through panels, interviews or conversational talks.  The evening is when TUF really takes over. More information to come...

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A Fundraiser for TUFFEST
to Jun 11

A Fundraiser for TUFFEST

TUF Presents...
A TUF Fundraiser for TUFFEST
At Werewolf Vacation
9 PM to 1 AM
$5 - $10 suggested donation

Feat TUF Artists:
Zen Mother

Proceeds from the door all go directly to funding towards the upcoming TUF event:

TUFFEST: July 9 [ music / art / workshops / panels ]

*This party seeks to be a safe space. No bigotry / racism / sexism / homophobia / transphobia / violence / hatred / microaggressions will be tolerated. If you experience any of the above, please alert a volunteer. 

**Accessiblity/other info: Please respect the space! Werewolf Vacation is generously letting us use their place to benefit TUF. BYOB.

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10:30 AM10:30


TUF LUV is a positive, loving, and collaborative community celebration of women, trans, and non-binary artists, educators & musicians in Seattle. We invite you to join us for a day of workshops, music, readings, performances, large-scale art installations, movement, and interactive exhibits at King Street Station, closing with a release of the first TUF zine and a live performance TBA. 

Allyce Andrew and Maia Doty // Andrea Eaton // Anisa Jackson and Victoria Harrell // Annie Holden // Bailey Skye // Bristol Hayward-Hughes // Brittany Michelle Dennison // Chelsea Jean Werner-Jatzke and Shaun Kardinal // Drew Lausman // Elaine Lin // Ella Ordona // ExposeRape community public art project // Gia Valente // Glynnis Hughes // Grey Ellis // Hannah Therese Eberts // Jackie Braun // Kristine Helgager // Lisa Hammond // M Saums & Qoqo Maria // Madeline Franks // Mandy McGee // Marielle Saums // Neon Salt Waater // Nicole Carr // Olga Petrus // Rosemary Nichelini // Tane Kay // Taylor Nelson
A collaborative art table featuring a linoleum workshop with Simone Pierson

Taylar Elizza Beth // QOQO ROBOQS // DJ Explorateur // DJ ECHO // DJ Elle // TUF music videos

WORKSHOPS (schedule coming soon!)
A Gaze That Turns Men to Stone: On Medusa, Feminism and the Internet // By Emily Pothast (TUF/ Translinguistic Other / Hair and Space Museum / Midday Veil)

Anti-Racism and Creative Liberation // By Khayah Brookes and Vanessa Molano (Photon Factory)

Centered in the City Guided Meditation // By Kellye Kuh (TUF / Centered in the City) and Wade Brill, featuring music by Explorateur (FALSE PROPHET / Rare Air / TUF)

Consent Workshop: Partying and flirting and how to feel good about saying no and get out of an uncomfortable situation // By Cay Horiuchi (C.A.R.E.S., Compassionate And Respectful Engagement Squad)

Isolation and Connection: A Workshop on Strengthening Intimacy through Vulnerability // By Hollie Granato (University of Washington and The Puget Sound Veterans Affairs Health Care System)

MixxedFit Interactive Demo // By Sasha Ife' Sobers-Outlaw (MixxedFit)

Radical Self Love Brainwash // By Unicole Unicron (UNICULT)

This event will be intergenerational and will create a space for teaching, learning, growing, supporting, and sharing. We ask that all attendees be respectful of the performers, teachers, art, and each other. We are committed to creating spaces to be as safe as possible, and this event will be all-ages, and elevator accessible.

$5-$15 donation at the door


Thank you to the Office of Arts & Culture Seattle for use of the space, and for a King Street Station Program Fund award to help fund our artists, musicians and workshops.

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